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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finally...I'm 18!!

Finally, hari yang aku tunggu2 dah sampai pun...Hari ape tu?? 20 DISEMBER 2009.....ialah secara rasminya aku berusia 18 tahun!! hahahaha...yeah guys! baru nak 18....Aku mmg lahir hujung tahun. Bila lahir ujung2 tahun ni banayak perkara aka masalah yg timbul la...urusan rasmi aku masih perlukan nama mak aku sebab aku masih belum 18, sebelum 18 pun bnyk perkara yg illegal untuk aku buat. Tapi it doesn't mean that dah 18 pun aku boleh buat bende2 HAROOMM!! hahahaha......18 hanya angka...hakikatnya aku perlu berfikiran matang dalam menyelesaikan urusan duniawi. Before this tak matang ke? Bukan macam tu.....cuma dulu masih keanak-anakan....hehehehe

Bercakap soal lahir hujung tahun ni, ade satu story yang aku nak kongsi. Mak aku dulu pernah cerita...masa aku mula2 lahir, orang2 kampun suka cakap kat maka aku..Kenapa lahir ujung tahun? Nnati kawan2 lain dah pandai dye masih bodoh....aku? bodoh??? SORRY SKET YE MAK CIK YG TAKDE ILMU PENGETAHUAN! Aku dah buktikan walaupun aku lahir hujung tahun, tapi aku tetap lebih bijak bestari dan cergas lagi aktif belajar daripada anak2 dorang yang lahir pada 1.1.1991...hahahaha....tu la orang dulu2 ni aku tak paham cara dorang berfikir. Ada ke patut kenapa lahir ujung tahun?? Sah2 ALLAH dah tetapkan kat dalam perjalanan hidup aku...hahahaha, bengong.

Walau apapun, aku dah 18 sekarang! Now, I can proudly pronounce myself as a proud teenager! HAZIQ COMELL!! HAHAHAHA(motif??)

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Yellow Lily

The clock is ticking. As time passes by, I remain sitting in front of my working desk without any motion. I know I shouldn’t waste any precious seconds that I have, but I really have no idea of what is happening right now. Sweat began to flow and my whole body was shivering. I can feel the adrenalin was moving through my vein and my heart trembling very fast. I drown under the unfinished paper works that are not supposed to be my job anymore. Just now, during the meeting between the board managers, something ridiculous happened to me.

“Vera, I hope you understand the situation. Our publisher wants something fresh and different for this special issue,” said the lady in the red scarf.

“But Mrs. Gloria, I can make something new! I will have a meeting with my crew and send the proposal. Instead of having a stand-in editor, why don’t you guys just stick with me? Or are you dubious with my capabilities? Come on, I have 10 years experience in editing magazine!” Vera Kent replied with indecent tone. She’s my boss. I’ve been working for her for about 4 years. A very distress, agony and miserable years.

“Calm down, Vera. We do believe with your credibility. Of course, you’re a great editor. You make this GROOM magazine as best-seller for 3 years. How could we forget that?”

“Then, why is that I’m going to be transferred to the publishing department? All these while, I am the one who determine the story and content of the magazine, and I’ve been waiting so long for this summer edition!” her eyes were full of anger. She strongly disagrees with the boards’ decision.

“Well, at least you’ve been promoted,” said the women with blonde hair. “You should be pleased.”

“But, I don’t want the promotion! I want to lead the issue!”

“Let us bring this to a close! Vera, you need to find someone to replace you. It’s up to you to decide who, as long as the person can be dependable.” Now she has to find her replacement. She was about to lose her career and these crazy people asked her to find the new person to fill her pose? What nonsense!

“Make sure the new person is highly skilfully. You might don’t want to screw the company.” And I came in during the wrong time, I guess.

“Where can I put the drinks Miss Vera?” All of a sudden, her eyes were staring me with a keen look. I just can’t take her sharp glances and turn down.

“I’m sorry…I’m so sorry if I’ve disturb your discussion. I don’t mean to interrupt, I just…I just want to send the drinks,” I answered stammering.

“Never mind, Mary. Just put them there.” I nodded my head and just about to leave the room when suddenly Miss Vera called my name.

“Wait, Mary! I have some important announcement to make and I want you to listen.” I stood quietly in front of the conference table.

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen,” she started to say something. “If you insist, I will do as what all of you wanted.” She paused and looked at me, and she continues. “I introduce you, Mary Ann Julie, a very loyal assistant of mine to replace me!”

“What? Me?!” I was so shocked. I never have any knowledge about editing a magazine!

“Are you sure, Vera? Don’t you think that you are hesitating?” Mrs. Gloria was observing me from tip to toe. I know she must be doubtful with my capability. Plus, I don’t even impress her with my appearance. I look very plain, boring and only black and white.

“I know Mary for quite a long time. She might not have experience, but she‘s one hardworking employee. In fact, she tends to learn new thing fast.”She smiled at me, but I don’t know what the smile means. My cell phone suddenly rang and fades away my entire day-dream just now. It was Alice, my BFF.

“Hi, Mary! I just heard about the news. Was that for real?” she asked with full of curiosity.

“It’s true, Alice. Oh my Lord, I’m dead!” I replied helplessly.

“This is insane! It’s cool, honey! Wow, I’m proud of you!”

“What is so cool about being a stand-in editor if you don’t even know anything on how to operate it? This is the craziest things ever in my life!” As I was having a conversation with Alice, I saw Vera is heading to my table. “Hold on Alice, the witch is on her broom to me. I’ll continue later, bye!”

“This file contains all of my ideas for the special issue. I want you to follow the guidelines and don’t you dare to change any single thing!” A violet ring file with some pictures and paper works was slammed onto my table.

“But, Miss Vera….I know nothing about fashion. In fact, I don’t even know anything about being an editor.”

“I know that and I choose you because of that. I’m using you as the stand-in editor because I know you wouldn’t mess up with me!” Her eyes shrink. “In fact, I still want my ideas to be published! If they choose another person, I will loss this opportunity. How clever I am right? By the way, this drive contains the layout that we’ve been using all this while. Please take good care of it or you’ll dead!” she left me with her evil laugh. She’s using me? Argh, this is so pathetic!

Mary: Let’s meet up! I have something to tell you.

Alice: Where? What time?

Mary: This evening at 3. I’ll wait you at home.

Alice: Deal!

I turned off my notebook and sit pensively on my chair. Tomorrow, I have to move all my things to Vera’s room. I’ll be sitting there for about a month to work on this summer special issue for GROOM magazine……….

Alice was waiting in front of our apartment, carrying a bouquet of yellow lily when I arrived home. She forgets to bring the key again, I guess.

“Those are nice. Who gave you?”

“Robert gave me this. He said that lily symbolized true friendship.” She smiled and shrugged.

“I think he has a crush on you. This is his first step on getting you. Don’t you get it?” I smiled and poke her.

“Shut up, Mary.” She laughed and put the flower into a long slim vase that she bought at Beijing last year. A dragon image was nicely painted on the vase. “So, tell me about this surprising promotion.”

“It’s not a promotion, Alice. I’ve been used by Vera. The publisher wants something different for this special summer issue and they wanted a temporary editor with a fresher idea.” I took a depth breath before I continued. “She chooses me because I’m her assistant. She knows that I will follow her orders and yet she wants me to publish her muse. “

“That’s cruel and unfair! For the meantime, you are not her assistant anymore. You’re the editor! The issue must be from your perspective.”

“I know, Alice, but what should I do? I have zero knowledge about grooming and fashion! I just have to follow her order and I’ll be saved.”

“It’s a big no for me! You have to find an inspiration to be highlight on this issue and it must portrait yourself. “

“I can’t think right now. I’m so stress! Luckily you bring back those fabulous lilies. At least, I have something bright and calming to be seen.” I laid myself on the sofa. My neuron brain has been working very hard today and now I have a very bad headache.

“Wait a minute, Mary. Hold it right there. Hmm…I think you’ve just said something really inspirational.” Alice jumped over me and grabbed my shoulders.

“Ouch! Stop doing that! It hurts!”

“The lily! It’s very brilliant! Just imagine, the summer with bright colours of lily as the inspiration! Plus, it also symbolized friendship and warm welcome of summer!”

“Yeah….wow! It’s cool! It’s great! Bright colour for summer indicates happiness and true friendship! Oh my God! This is going to be a great issue!” I was like jumping over my apartment because of the excitement. I will present this idea and write a proposal for it. I really hope that my idea can be accepted.

“That was a brilliant inspiration, Mary. We just can’t wait to see the outcome. The readers might love the issue.”

“Does that mean my idea was accepted?” I was full of hope. When they nodded their head, I was flying over the cloud nine! This is awesome! It was indeed a good start for an amateur like me. As I was busy preparing the outlines of the issue, Vera crashed into my office with glaring fired eyes.

“What the hell are you doing, Mary?! What I’ve told you? How dare you change the headlines of the issue!”

“I think as an editor, we have our own style and inspiration. This issue was under my monitor and I have every right on how to control it.” I build my courage to defend myself. I know Vera was a very cunning person and it’s not easy to defeat her.

“What do you know about being an editor? You are just one big loser secretary that knows nothing!” She said vainly.

“At least, I know my field of works and not meddle on other’s work. Please, I have datelines to be followed and lots of works still need to be done. I think you should’ve known that.” I replied and opened the door for her. She stared me with an evil-sharp look.

“You are going to get it from me!” she left with full of anger. Surprisingly, I don’t feel threaten this time. I felt a new spirit surrounds my will. I will never live under her fingertips anymore.

It lefts only about two weeks before the releasing date come. My team and I have been working so hard all this while.

“Who’s the cover page?”

“I’m thinking of Taylor Swift.”

“And why is she?”

“Because she’s warm, full of joy and also a clean public figure. Guess what? She loves lily!”

“What about the concept? Have you planned everything?”

“I imagine of polka dots with yellow, light materials with vintage style, open toad, a hat and surrounds with yellow lily. Don’t forget to call Yves Saint Laurent to confirm their sponsorship. And one more thing, don’t forget to add the effect of the dawn for the photo shoot.”

“Wow, that’s not fashion, that’s style! I hope we can work this out together!”

It’s just the final process left which is the transforming of content into full layout. Oh my God, time is running so fast! It needs to be arranged according to the respective column before one master copy is produced and presented to the publisher.

“Mary, please come here for a while. We are having a big trouble!” My assistant, Daniel rushed into my room. His face is full of anxiety.

“What is it? What happened, Danny?” I followed his footsteps. Now, its becoming faster.

“I don’t know what happened to the layout. When we try to open the file from the drive, it says that the file was corrupted!”

“I t can’t be! The last time I checked the file, it still free from any virus!”

“I know! I was there too when you checked the layout file. I don’t know what’s wrong.”

It’s true! The file was corrupted and can’t be opened. Oh my God! Why this is happening to me when its only two weeks left to the dateline?!

“What should we do now, Mary?” I can saw disappointment on my team’s faces. They looked very dejected. I froze in front of the desktop and trying to figure out the solution. Daniel tries to open the file again and this time, it shows detail about the virus that infects it.

“How surprise……”

“What is it, Danny? Are you figuring something?”

“The virus is purposely made to corrupt the file. It was done by someone. We’ve been sabotage!”

I came into the meeting room with full of confident. The emergency meeting should be held immediately.

“Is it true that the layout was missing?” asked one of the directors.

“It’s not missing, but was infected by virus.” I answered calmly.

“Then what will you do? The dateline is around the corner! This will not happen if I handled everything!” Vera was trying to find any loops to blame me.

“Miss Vera, I’ve been working for you for about 4 years, but obviously you didn’t know me very well,” I gave her a very sarcastic smile.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Ladies and gentlemen, although we have been sabotage, I already have a solution for this problem.”

“You’ve been sabotage? How come you can be so sure? Have you found the saboteur?”

“We find out that the virus is purposely made to infect the file. But never mind, we apologize that imbecile.” I smiled and ogled Vera. “As a holder of bachelor in creative technology, I will create a brand new layout to be suited with this special issue.” I paused and give Vera Kent a very sharp glance. I love her stunned expression with her mouth open. “This layout will bring a new era for GROOM magazine. I just want to ask all of you to postpone the dateline for another a week.” The board directors face each other and have a silent discussion. I can see that Vera looks very infuriate, astonished and dissatisfied.

“Alright, Mary, we will give you additional time to design the new layout, but please make sure that the new one will be something out of the box.”

“I will not disappoint the company again. Thank you!” I smiled with pleasure.

“Bright your summer with yellow lily”

As I was walking down the street, I was so proud to see the lily issue being displayed at every bookstore. Apparently, the readers love it so much! It was printed double than it was supposed to be. And now, as I will stay permanently at Vera Kent’s office, I can pronounce myself a proud editor-the lady in the yellow lily! =)

p/s: this short story was inspired by a bouquet of origami yellow lily which I made myself. It was written in only about 2 hours. I'm sorry for the grammar mistakes.(if there any)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Name is Haziq

During LITERATURE class, Miss Salliza had asked us to make a poem describing our own characteristic. I'm not really good in producing english poem, but I've tried my best. So, here it is:

The name is Haziq,
Brilliant, cool, fantastic,
He loves to make us laugh,
And colours the day alive,
Purple make him looks good,
And he loves PRADA boots!
Always everywhere with his HACKS,
And proud with his ROLEX,
Don't show him Siti Nurhaliza,
'Cause he'll scream, crazy of her,
Don't shock if he is sarcastic,
'Cause the name is HAZIQ!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Y.E.S!! It's beginning!!!

It's beginning again...
Every end of the year...
The moment I've waiting for.....
The moment of bliss and joy!!

~21ST November 2009-3rd January 2010~

All shopping complex in Malaysia
Don't miss this chance!!
Let's shop till we drop!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


~nothing to write actually~
I just wanna make sure I update my blog....ok?
hahahaha....I wanna share something with U guys......
my final exam result for the 1st sem was announced, and I got.......
yeah, I know it's not a good number...hahaha...I was dreaming of 3.5 pointer and above....
but......I've try my best and this is all I got.....
I should be thankful and try harder during the 2nd semester...
Gambatte kudasai, Haziq san!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The 2nd guy=MC RAVE is my roomie!!^_^

Asmaul Husna by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bye2 1st sem...Hye2 2nd sem...!!

After two weeks of examination, we were finally free from any torture! Hahahahaha....sem 1 had finished and sem 2 is coming soon. I was so enthusiastic to wait for the 2nd sem. Cannot wait for the drama lesson and also Literature! Wow, I love both of them although some people hate those subjects. Well, the first semester ran smoothly. I enjoy studying TESL and really interested in every subjects (but not Malaysian Studies,...please..!). I'm glad I've met a lot of new people...and lost a lot too...(coz' they move to maktab). People here are nice and friendly even until the cafeteria aunty! I do encounter some problems while doing my assignments . I f U guys still remember, our group was deducted 15 marks for CSS. I didn't score well in the first quiz for College Reading and that pull my carry marks to be a little low from the rest. Same goes with my Listening & speaking. My mark is sucks. As usual, I always want to be the best. Luckily, I got the highest mark for College Writing in my class. But I still didn't satisfied because there are other students from other class who scored better than me. I was so worried about my pointer. Although this is only the first semester, but it's important for us to apply for degree. Whatever it is, I've try my best and I hope I can succeed with flying, dazzling, shimmering, glittering, twinkling colours of rainbows and stars in the skies!!!! Pray 4 me ok?

Friday, September 25, 2009


After these raya holidays, all the foundation students here at UiTM will sit fo their final exam for sem. 1. I mean all, ok? Not only for TESL....
I was thinking of studying during the first week of my holiday, level of laziness increase until it's optimum level! What to do?? Raya mood is coming and everything in my mind is about RAYA!!
and now.....the holiday is only 2 days left....and I still not revising any of my subjects...wait! I did revise for Malaysian Studies and college reading...!! a bit....
I don't know what to conclusian...Raya menang, final exam kalah...hahahaha!!!
tapi I still aim for 3.5 and above tau!! huhuhu( hope this is not an 'angan2 kosong'...)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Testing Baju Raya

Well, I have no idea on this latest entry...Just wanna playing around before we sit for our final exam..hahahaha....Tonight I'm a lil bit "GILE"....Taking my own picture in baju melayu...actually, i bought this Baju Melayu at PKNS Shah Alam. I already have one for this coming Hari Raya, but I still bought it as it was so beautiful! Moreover it's purple in colour! my favourite..~

I'm not gonna wear this baju melayu on the 1st day of Hari Raya, as I will wear the other one. The one which is brown in colour. So, enjoy the photos! hahahahaha......

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well, I terlintas nak menulis sebuah puisi tentang hati. Blog ni pun namanye Rahsia hati kan? So, just wanna share my masterpiece with all my visitors.....
Before this, I ada menulis tentang Cerita Rhsia Hati Lisa kan? Tapi tergantung coz I'm very busy. Jangan risau...that story already siap smpi chapter 6! Skrang ni I nak U olz bace dan komenlah puisi ini ye? Enjoy!























Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ENTAH.....entahle....I guess that's the end...

I was so sad, solemn, depressed and dissapointed. My mood swing and blend well to this song.... Guess that's the end of our story....That's it, i'm leaving you or better said, U leaving me.....




Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What The F***!!

What do you think when someone asked you to be their boyfriend?
What is the first thing that came up in ur mind?
Are u like, what? And then like, huh?
Fortunately if its a girl, but what about when its a guy???
Now that's what happen to me and I want u guys to know that I'm very shock!
What so special about me that had attract his interest? I'm not handsome and not good looking, or even buff!
I only a big guy with cute face....hehehehe
But why must that guy choosing me??
What the hell is in his mind??!!
This is the first time i'm being 'proposed' but unfortunately, it comes from a guy...(EUWWW....!!!)
I'm so scared....and shock....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Seorang Demi Seorang Berlalu Pergi.....

Sedih yang teramat sangat.....Dah lama tak rasa sesedih ni. Kali terakhir sedih masa nak berpisah ngan kawan2 after SPM. Kenapa sedih? Sebab seorang demi seorang kawan I pergi meninggalkan I. Mula2 dula Syed, pastu Mel, pastu Denin, pastu yani, skarang my very best friend here, Afeze pun meninggalkan I. Dorang semua pergi maktab. I tak faham kenapa nak pergi maktab. In fact maktab bukan best pun! Sanggup tinggalkan kawan semata-mata nak pergi maktab.....

I bukan apa, I ni tak ramai kawan lelaki yg sekepala. Satu Kolej Meranti tu kawan I tapi bukan semua tu sama macam Afeze. Dia best! Kitorang selalu bersama ke mana sahaja. Kecuali bila dia berdampingan dengan Hawa la...hehehe..... I memang terasa kehilangan sangat2. Dulu tu kalau I pergi bilik sebelah, ada 3 tujuan. First, nak pinjam broadband, 2nd nak tumpang tandas, and the 3rd nak jumpe and berborak ngan Afeze. Tapi sekarang yg ketiga tu dah tak ada dah.....

We have a very bad goodbye.... Bayangkan, masa dia nak pindah tu, I mean on the very last day, I kene pergi interview untuk projek Computer Literacy. Kitorang cume sempat bersalaman dan bertukar-tukar ucapan goodbye je... Nak peluk segan, orang ramai, karang kene cap gay pulak... Nak wat camne? Dah dye kemaruk sangat nak pegi maktab.....I tak kisah asalkan dye bahagia...

Finally, I doakan semoga dia bahagia kat SARAWAK nun. Jaga diri elok2 and the most important thing, don't forget us. Aku sayang sangat kat ko Fizi....Sayang sangat!!! Take care, ok? Bye!

p/s: malas nak tulis dalam B.I. Nanti luahan perasaan ni tak menjadi...hehehehe

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anugerah yang dimenangi Siti Nurhaliza di Anugerah Planet Muzik 2009

Penyampaian award sangat berserabut...anyway, Congrats CT!

TAHNIAH CT!!! Paling Popular di Serantau!

The Holidays!

I'm home!!! (Eleh, macam dah lame tak balik je, padahal last week baru balik...hehehe).
Actually we are having the semester break right now. Enjoying the holidays for a week, but with no proper plans. Ahah! Wanna study? Don't think so, hehehehe.....Ada grammar exam ngan malaysian studies lepas cuti so, kene la bace2 sket. Banyak pun takpe, tapi nak bace sket je...hehehe
No point actually, just wanna make sure i'm updating my blog. So, if there any interesting story that i can share with u guys, i will!
Got to go, see ya!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Say It Isn't So

Video ni dah agak lama, tapi I nak u all tengok gak...
Ct best!
Lagu ni pun best!

Think Of Me- Phantom Of The Opera

Think of me
think of me fondly,
when you've said goodbye.
Remember me

once in a while -

please promise me
you'll try.

When you find
that, once
again, you long
to take your heart back
and be free -
if you
ever find
a moment,
spare a thought
for me

We never said
our love
was evergreen,
or as unchanging
as the sea -
but if
you can still
stop and think
of me . . .

Think of all the things
we've shared and seen -
don't think about the things
which might have been . . .

Think of me,
think of me waking,
silent and

Imagine me,
trying too hard
to put you
from my mind.

Recall those days
look back
on all those times,
think of the things
we'll never do -
there will
never be
a day, when
I won't think
of you . .

We never said
our love
was evergreen,
or as unchanging
as the sea -
but please
promise me,
that sometimes
you will think of me!

Sang back by David Archuleta in American Idol.

Such a great song!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

A crush on you (the name that should not be published)

Hello guys! Sorry for not being able to update the blog. As I am now soooooooo busy with the assignments, presentations, journals and so on so forth. University life really needs you to sacrifice a lot of time. Time is gold, and gold is me...hehehehe

In this entry I actually want to share about my text books. But when I think again, why should I told you about my text books? What is so interesting abaout my text books? Totally nothing! They just expensive and thick and expensive and thick........ But never mind, I really need the knowledge inside those books, hehehehe.

So today I'm gonna share with you about my college life after about a month I'm being here. It's actually interesting. Although you may 'drown' under the assignments(I mean they are too much!). The main thing that I experience here is I've started to have a crush! OMG! Haziq si mulut longkang(that's what my friends call me..hahaha) is having a crush?! I mean I didn't even care about girl before. Maybe because I was once studying at boy's school, so I'm not really interested for having couple. Here, I found a girl that completely fulfil my taste. It's not like fall in love actually but you have the feeling and you always wanted to be with her. She's cute! Especially when she's smiling and laughing.

The best part is she always did not mind to spend for me and same goes with me. We are close like brother and sister...(I wish I could change that title...) but the worse part is she already have her boyfriend!!! Arghh....damn it! I should met her earlier! I'm quite shock when I first knew that she's having a boyfriend, then when she show the picture of this lucky guy, I was like being smashed by a rock! The cupid was running away..hehehehe.... I'm still having a crush on her although she already have her soulmate, but in this case, they were not married yet and I still have a chance. I know that my percentages to get her is very low but when there's a will there's a way! hahahaha...

O.K, that's it! I got to go for class. Next time, I will share more about my life.(which could be interesting!!). About that girl......never mind, if she just treat me as a brother, then I accept it. It's better then you don't have any place in her heart.

p/s: sorry for the typing error(if any) I'm on the rush!)
See ya!