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Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Stage in My Life

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia!!
Woww, it has been quite a long time since the last post that I wrote here. I am just too busy lately, preparing to be back in SHAH ALAM! YES! Shah Alam! Currently I am here in Kolej Meranti (again) writing this post inside my room at block D (again)-__-"

27th June 2010, I registered myself at Kolej Meranti as I will proudly pronounce myself as a UiTM student (again..duhh~). My course will be Bachelor in Education with Honor in TESL. 4 years of studying will be as fast as lightning when you were busy doing your assignments. (Which I got them in the very first class of my degree....sigh~). Basically, there's nothing new studying here, nothing fab, nothing to be excited to except for meeting my old friends from asasi and meeting new clicks from degree. I was so shocked, dissapointed, frustrated, angry, upset, confused, sad and tension when I received my key room. D406!! It's the 2nd TOPPEST floor in the most FAR AWAY block from the gate in MERANTI....HELL NOOO!! I can't imagine all the way, everyday in my single life...climbing the stairs up and down.....again...and again....-___-"

Luckily, my roommates are not that bad. They are easy going and quite sporting. But, they are all from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and I'm the only one from a language and education faculty. We are sooooooooo far away CONTRAST in the way of thinking and ideology...hahahahahaha....(well, I'm proud with my English...huhuhuhu)

MY FACULTY!! Hahahaha...still there at Section 17. Meeting new faces from TESL Kuantan and Malacca is a very interesting experience for me. They are so innocent, so quiet, so passive...-____-". In comparison with the TESLian from Shah Alam, we are SO HAPPENING, SO HYPER ACTIVE and SO SUGAR RUSH!! Hahahaha.....I hope I can successfully mingle around with my new course mates especially my class mates. (There are only 4 guys in my class including me). Well, 8 semester to go through, 4 years of studying. I hope I can perform better than ASASI time......^_^