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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vote for your favourite!

Ok, before we get too excited with all this stuff, let me explain to you something. This is just for fun and not meant to hurt or criticize other person. I do this because I want this to be one of the memories of being an Asasian. Please throw all your 'terase' feeling or whatever bother you. I know everyone has their own speciality and talent but AGAIN....this is just for fun.....Lastly, vote for your favourites!! ^_^

Ada lagi kategori baru yg bakal menyusul. Silalah undi di sebelah ini. Once the result out, I'll announce it to you guys!! Happy Voting!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Another busy week.....really, really tortured with all these assignments and presentation and drama and radio drama and blablablabla........ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!! I feel like screaming on top of my lungs!! When will all this thing stops bothering my life?? I know as a students I will( I should say I must) have a lot of things to do...but, when they are too much as if you can drown under the assignments.....what can you say......I know, people keep on telling me, " Haziq, itulah lumrah pelajar U," "Haziq, belum degree lagi tau, nanti lagi bnyk keje." I know! I know the reality!! This is just another confession of a STRESS heart!!!! Adoyaii!!!

*just be patient, Haziq.....I know you can cope with all this matter.....You really can.....~

Monday, February 8, 2010


I just want to stress how DISSAPOINTED I am.........
It's not easy for me to get this GOLDEN opportunity.....KRIS ALLEN IS COMING TO MALAYSIA!!!
YES!! Finally, I have this chance to meet him with my naked eyes.....!! So excited!!
BUT.....on that historical day(today!! argghh!!) I just can't make it there. DAMN!! Class end @ 4 pm, RAINING HEAVILY AT SHAH ALAM!! Stuck in TRAFFIC JAM!! Oh, come on!!
Shit! Shit! Shit! why are all this things happen to me on this particular DAY!!!!
I am so sad.....depressed....tension.....don't know what to say else....hukhukhuk(dah nangis dah ni..). Dah la dulu kempunan ARCHULETA.....=(

Thinking in positive manner.....maybe its not my rezeki to meet him now.....takpelah...I redha je...Every consequences ade hikmahnye....sedih sangat-sangat...... time la kite date ek, KRIS ALLEN.....~

Takde jodoh kite nak jumpe.....waaaaa~

p/s: YES, my fellow friends, I am a fan of KRIS ALLEN!! I adore him so much!! Don't get me wrong ok? hahahaha....oh...KRIS ALLEN!!!

Sweet Things are beautiful...^_^

Sometimes, when we are bored during a speech, we tend to do 'sweet things'. Like what happen to me and Ainin during the last amanat Dekan...hehehehe...kitorang tak dengar pun, dok wat keje merepek ni ha....hahahaha

Ainin: Kalau aku bunga?
Haziq: Aku lebahnya, kalau aku bulan?
Ainin: Aku kawah-kawahnya, kalau aku sampah?
Haziq: Aku orang yang buang sampah tu, kalau aku durian?
Ainin: Aku tukang kopeknya, kalau aku daun kering?
Haziq: Aku daun segar, kalau aku banner?
Ainin: Aku tukang koyaknya, kalau aku butang baju?
Haziq: Aku bajunya la...kalau aku beg BONIA?
Ainin: Aku tukang belinya, kalau aku kambing?
Haziq: Aku rumput...nanti kau boleh makan aku...hehehe, kalau aku jam tangan?
Ainin:Aku jam tangan Charles Jourdan yang same harga dengan ROLEX ko...kalau aku kasut saiz 6?
Haziq: Jam tangan aku lagi mahal la!! Aku kaki saiz ek? Kalau aku student card?
Ainin: Aku library, nanti ko leh pinjam buku, kalau aku Barbie?
Haziq: Aku designer baju Barbie tu....hehehe, kalau aku air jambu batu?
Ainin: Aku tak suka kau..haha, kalau aku Jusco Bukit Raja?
Haziq: Aku datang every weekend...kalau aku pen biru?
Ainin: Aku pen merah[Pen merah, pen biru, you marah I hate U!! haha]..kalau aku comel? ko x lah kan? hehehe
Haziq: Blegh, aku comel gak!! Kalau aku baju batik?
Ainin: Aku lah yang lukis. Aku kan hebat! hahaha
Haziq: Eh, batik dicantinglah...
Ainin: Lukis dulu baru canting lah!
Haziq: Tapi aku cakap pasal batik yg dah siap!!
Ainin: Yelah! yelah! canting!!
Haziq: hehehehe...yes!!

Itulah dia.....hahahahaha....klaka plak rase buat keje x de faedah ni....hahaha...tapi bile dikenang-kenang balik rase memorable plak...hahahaha^_^