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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let's go BROWN with high waist flared pants this summer

TopShop brown tank
$60 -

Etro wide leg pants
1.000 EUR -

Type Z shoes
$85 -

Drawstring tote bag
$98 -

Thursday, April 21, 2011


To get your wardrobe ready for Spring/Summer, here is a quick overview of the trends for Spring/ Summer 2011!

’70s glamour

There are two main aesthetics: ’70s bohemian, and ’70s sophisticated glamour. When it comes to the latter, think dresses that fall like shimmering water in the evening and high-waist pants with elegant blouses by day.

Biker chic

For this trend we see lots of motorcycle jackets, leather pants and motorcycle boots to give you that bit of extra edginess.

Punk fashion

Think safety pins, studs and leather. Nice to have some statement pieces to combine with a simple outfit.


No, it’s not new. But, like all trends that span multiple seasons, it has evolved. Lace influences for Spring/Summer 2011 are more to the classic side with quality antique-style fabrics the key to the trend. Less of the allover, stretch lace and more of the unique takes.

Flared pants

Flared legs and bell bottoms are the new style pants. Great in a jeans version also!


A macrame dress is ideal for layering over a bikini, monokini or bodysuit. We see lots of macrame accessories as well, I must say that I love it!

Good, I hope this short summary will give you some more inspiration for your own Spring/Summer 2011 wardrobe!^_^

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wear high heels painlessly, with full confidence!

You have got these amazing pair of heels, but sadly you are scared to wear it for longer periods of time, as it would hurt your feet. Well of course, try imagining yourself, wearing a 5 inches heels in a cocktail party where you have to stand on your heels when all the pressure goes to your feet. It is really a disaster and indeed a torture to your feet. But, fear not, with a few simple tips in mind; you can wear high heels comfortably and painlessly. Well, women look sexy in high heels, and foot and back pain should not keep them away from heels.

Tips to Wear High Heels Comfortably and Painlessly

Follow these simple tips to be able to wear comfortable and painless heels:

  • When it comes to wearing high heels, it is all about putting on the right size. Make sure you pick up the right shoes. A very common mistake that most people do is picking out the wrong shoe size. Before you buy the shoes, wear them on and walk. But them only if you are comfortable.
  • If you feel any discomfort, check for the source of pain. Put on your shoes and walk around, observe where it hurts the most. Identify the place where you are having the problem.
  • Spot the area where it hurts. Usually, ball of the foot is the most common place where it hurts. For this, you can take gel inserts and put them in your shoes. If you don’t find them to be helpful, double up the gel inserts.
  • If the back of your heel is troubling you, then you will have to put on heel cushions. All you need is to place these cushions at places where it hurts. If the cushions don’t help, you might need to stretch out your heel with a shoetree.
  • If your arch is not supported properly, you can get arch supports and neatly stick them in your shoe heels. However, arch supports generally look a little ugly. Choose supports which are not visible through your heels.

These simple tips will help you to wear heels comfortably and painlessly.

This 4 inches heels is from Stuart Weitzman

This peep toes is also from Stuart Weitzman

p/s: in my opinion, STUART WEITZMAN have one of the best heels in town^_^

Monday, April 18, 2011

F&F: International brand NOW AVAILABLE at TESCO

Assalamualaikum and Hye everyone!!
How are you guys doing? I'm doing great nowadays! But kinda busy as the finals are coming up next week. I am working on all subjects so I can maintain my cgpa for this semester. Hehehe, ok that's not the point for today's update. Recently, I've been reading about a blog post from a famous gorgeous drop dead vogue fashion blogger Hafiz Cutecarry. I 've been following his blog quite sometimes actually. If you wanna keep yourself update with latest issue on fashion, do visit his blog and I am so very extra sure that U will benefits a lot from your reading at his blog. For his entry about F&F you can click here.

F&F is actually a brand from UK which the design was made through the F&F design team. It is an international brand with local price. As the tagline says, F&F clothing, designed by F&F, priced by TESCO. I actually already realized that F&F was there at TESCO. I mean every hypermarket sold clothes as well (pegila Giant, Carefour, sume pun jual baju) but this is kinda big because the latest collection Spring/Summer 2011 was launched during the Stylo Fashion Grand Prix. Atas runway lagi ada model jalan-jalan pakai baju F&F tau. Just realize that their design is acceptable for Malaysian! Hahaha, selama ni sebelah mata pun tak pandang!

F&F is available at all TESCO franchise and you can get their collection with surprisingly amazingly AFFORDABLE price! The design was not so bad, I touched the material and it suits the quality. Well janganla compare dengan Paul Smith or Armani pulak! The best thing about this brand is they have a collection for KIDS! I mean not a typical fashion for KIDS, but a very practical design for the children! Now, there's no reason for children to look boring ok, because F&F even ade legging and cardigan for them!! How cool is that?? hahaha, here are some photos that I can share with you guys. Photo taken at TESCO Kuala Selangor. (I believe TESCO Kota Damansara or somewhere else around KL, Shah Alam lagi banyak collection ni.)

Their lines for guys. They even have front pleated shirt which looks really cool for me. But I didn't manage to snap the pictures of it. (Takut kantoi dek pegawai TESCO tuh..huhu). Bawah lagi is their lady's lines. Blouse and printed t-shirts, everything is looking good! Oh, ade makhluk sesat tu that's my sister. Belek je, tak beli pun...~

This one is the kids collection. I was super excited when I saw the kid's apparel. The are super stylo and trendy! From t-shirt, dress, mini dress, tutu, legging, jacket, coat, cardigan and even tank top! (nasib baik dorang x buat kaftan untuk bebudak). If you can see in the above photo, there is a cheetah printed legging just for them1 Wow! Now even a children can look fierce! hahaha, salute lahh!!

So what are you guys waiting for? Bolehla pegi serang TESCO je lepas ni kalau nak shopping baju. The price is really affordable I tell you. Never exceed RM100!! Just go and have a different shopping experience at a hypermarket store like TESCO. Lain rase dye shopping Pavi ngan TESCO nih..hahaha, that's all for today! KthanksBYE!^_^