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Monday, June 15, 2009

College life=great!

It has been so long since the last entry that i'm posting. What to do? I have lots of assignments, busy as a college students right now. Actually, I miss my blog very much! Damn, really miss it! Its just that I don't have enough time to write or post something. Ok, here we are. I want to share to all of you,(i mean whom reading my blog) about my college life here in UiTM Shah Alam. There's not much different with living in a hostel. Perhaps, we are free from rules and there's no warden! Hahahaha, finally...~ we can do what we want without any consequences.

Besides, I met some new friends here! They were very fun and sporting! In my word, I can describe them as 'sekepala' or 'gile-gile'. Gosh, the girls are HOT-HOT like wasabi! I have a part time model in my class, sitting in front of me. Neh, she's not that pretty, its just that she's tall and vouge and fashionable, and glamor and shoppaholic!(and sexy...). My friends were great!(obviously the girls were comfort when they mingle around with me...). I'm Hot man! hahahaha....just kidding! Maybe they just love my sense of humor.

When we are talking about TESL, some people will said it's all about the English. Its definitely true! We are speaking English everywhere even though that we are in the toilets! I don't know whether the same things happen in other university that offers TESL... I don't know... Frankie, is it the same at Lendu? Maybe we should do some research....

The students here were nice but quite boast. I mean, the trying to show off their own capabilities....Its not a sin, but you know, when we overdo something, we will look awkward...Totally, I mean it... For example, these friends of mine, were trying to show that they are very good in girls thing. I mean they mingle around with girls, lunch with girls, group with girls, everything is about girls,girls,girls.(obviously they're guy!). I know, we should not attracted to people with the same gender with us, but we have to know the boundaries within boys and girls...Islam says that!

Hmmm...I think I have wrote quite a long story heh? Maybe next time I will share about another experience of mine. Till then, bye!