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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anugerah yang dimenangi Siti Nurhaliza di Anugerah Planet Muzik 2009

Penyampaian award sangat berserabut...anyway, Congrats CT!

TAHNIAH CT!!! Paling Popular di Serantau!

The Holidays!

I'm home!!! (Eleh, macam dah lame tak balik je, padahal last week baru balik...hehehe).
Actually we are having the semester break right now. Enjoying the holidays for a week, but with no proper plans. Ahah! Wanna study? Don't think so, hehehehe.....Ada grammar exam ngan malaysian studies lepas cuti so, kene la bace2 sket. Banyak pun takpe, tapi nak bace sket je...hehehe
No point actually, just wanna make sure i'm updating my blog. So, if there any interesting story that i can share with u guys, i will!
Got to go, see ya!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Say It Isn't So

Video ni dah agak lama, tapi I nak u all tengok gak...
Ct best!
Lagu ni pun best!

Think Of Me- Phantom Of The Opera

Think of me
think of me fondly,
when you've said goodbye.
Remember me

once in a while -

please promise me
you'll try.

When you find
that, once
again, you long
to take your heart back
and be free -
if you
ever find
a moment,
spare a thought
for me

We never said
our love
was evergreen,
or as unchanging
as the sea -
but if
you can still
stop and think
of me . . .

Think of all the things
we've shared and seen -
don't think about the things
which might have been . . .

Think of me,
think of me waking,
silent and

Imagine me,
trying too hard
to put you
from my mind.

Recall those days
look back
on all those times,
think of the things
we'll never do -
there will
never be
a day, when
I won't think
of you . .

We never said
our love
was evergreen,
or as unchanging
as the sea -
but please
promise me,
that sometimes
you will think of me!

Sang back by David Archuleta in American Idol.

Such a great song!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

A crush on you (the name that should not be published)

Hello guys! Sorry for not being able to update the blog. As I am now soooooooo busy with the assignments, presentations, journals and so on so forth. University life really needs you to sacrifice a lot of time. Time is gold, and gold is me...hehehehe

In this entry I actually want to share about my text books. But when I think again, why should I told you about my text books? What is so interesting abaout my text books? Totally nothing! They just expensive and thick and expensive and thick........ But never mind, I really need the knowledge inside those books, hehehehe.

So today I'm gonna share with you about my college life after about a month I'm being here. It's actually interesting. Although you may 'drown' under the assignments(I mean they are too much!). The main thing that I experience here is I've started to have a crush! OMG! Haziq si mulut longkang(that's what my friends call me..hahaha) is having a crush?! I mean I didn't even care about girl before. Maybe because I was once studying at boy's school, so I'm not really interested for having couple. Here, I found a girl that completely fulfil my taste. It's not like fall in love actually but you have the feeling and you always wanted to be with her. She's cute! Especially when she's smiling and laughing.

The best part is she always did not mind to spend for me and same goes with me. We are close like brother and sister...(I wish I could change that title...) but the worse part is she already have her boyfriend!!! Arghh....damn it! I should met her earlier! I'm quite shock when I first knew that she's having a boyfriend, then when she show the picture of this lucky guy, I was like being smashed by a rock! The cupid was running away..hehehehe.... I'm still having a crush on her although she already have her soulmate, but in this case, they were not married yet and I still have a chance. I know that my percentages to get her is very low but when there's a will there's a way! hahahaha...

O.K, that's it! I got to go for class. Next time, I will share more about my life.(which could be interesting!!). About that girl......never mind, if she just treat me as a brother, then I accept it. It's better then you don't have any place in her heart.

p/s: sorry for the typing error(if any) I'm on the rush!)
See ya!