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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cardigan: Penyelamat Gaya

Assalamualaikum uolssszz!!!! Hahahaha, ape kabar sume? Sehat-sehat ye?? Alhamdulillah....harini I rase rajin nak update blog and share piece of my knowledge with you guys! Today I would like to talk about one piece of extremely powerful thing that you must have at least one in your wardrobe. What is it??? Tentunya CARDIGAN!!

I cakap betul tau uols, if you claimed yourself a fashionista and love to dress and style yourself, you need to own AT LEAST a cardigan that can menyelamat your gaya. Kenapa I cakap cardigan ni penyelamat gaya? Sebab when you appears as boring and dull, cardigan punya kuasa tu mampu buat penampilan korang lebih vogue and extra berganda anggun gitu! (over plak..)

Cardigan ni boleh dipakai dengan pelbagai cara. Boleh sarung macam tu je, boleh butang, boleh jugak padankan dengan tali pinggang. Cardigan is lighter than a jacket so putting it on will not make you feel weighed down. It can also be just as warm as a jacket, especially if you buy a wool or cashmere cardigan.Tapi kat Malaysia ni iklim agak panas kan? So material yang paling femes dipakai kat Malaysia ialah cardigan cotton and wool yang nipis punye. These days, the long cardigan makin popular dalam kalangan kaum wanita. It can fall all the way to your knees, keeping your entire body warm. (with style of coz). Finally, designers are making very trendy long cardigans which stray far away from the old dowdy cardigans that your grandmother used to wear. Macam mannequin dalam movie 'Confession of a Shoppaholic' tu, "yeah, go wrap some old jeans around your neck. That will keep you warm. That's what your mom will do." Hahahaha, tapi my mom very stylo ok?? Tak main la lilit jeans lama kat leher..hahaha, so go get yourself a cardigan!!

One more thing bile nak beli cardigan, uols kene tau nak differentiate wether cardigan yang uols nak beli ni more to casual or formal? Jangan beli casual cardigan then pakai dengan seluar slacks...disaster sangat...huhuhu, If you’re not sure, look for one that is more neutral in color like black, navy or grey and in a light wool or cashmere material. Also, make sure it fits you well and is not too trendy with too many belts or extra buttons. Look for a more simple one like one made by Vince or Club Monaco or Banana Republic.

When you own a cardigan, DO NOT hang them on a hanger!! Especially kalau cardigan to made from lycra or wool or thin cashmere. Kalau uols gantung cardigan, nanti bentuk dye jadi menggelebeh. It will become bigger as the fabric expand. Nanti membazir je uols beli mahal-mahal(mahal ke?), cantik-cantik tapi last-last the cardigan tak fit well to your body. So camne nak simpan?? Senang je, uols kene lipat and simpan elok-elok dalam almari. JANGAN TINDIH dengan baju lain!! Kalau boleh buat satu sudut/laci untuk cardigan je. Ala macam yg uols buat untuk asingkan panties and bras tu...huhuhuhu...cardigan cotton PASTI akan berkedut, tapi better la daripada dye menggeleber kan? Yang daripada fabric lycra ngan wool tu jarang akan tereffect dengan kesan lipatan tu. Kalau ade pun jangan la malas sangat nak gosok ye?? huhuhu.....=D

Kalau nak kelainan, padankan dengan tali pinggang macam ni. Stylish and chic!

Long white cardigan. A MUST HAVE item for this year! White is so in for 2011. Plus, senang nak match pun=)

PINK LEOPARD!! Animal print pun so hot for 2011. So go get one okay? Lagipun style gila kalau pakai cardgan macam ni!!

This one is a top cardigan. You match it with everything, it would be an investment! Kalau pakai ni, orang yang kurus sangat kelihatan cantik! Tapi kalau yang badan agak berisi pun cantik, sebab ia akan fits well...yg ni ada jual kat my online boutique! |Courteous Couture|

Cardigan jenis ni dah nampak macam dress. Very effortless and outgoing. You can just sarung and ta--daa!! dah boleh kuar shopping!^_^

ANIMAL PRINT LAGI!! Zebra printing is my favourite!! This is from DEBENHAMS. So boleh la grab kat Lot 10 ye?? huhuhu

More and more long cardigan. These are from designer labels. Lebih mahal, lebih berkualiti, lebih eksklusif^_^

Walaupun si pemakai pakai jeans, this look already can be consider as formal. Bukak butang tu, loose the tie, dah jadi casual...huhuhu, senang kan?

OWHH!! How I wish I can get this!! Tapi to get it in my size memang azab bebeno la....hahaha, dah la zebra printing. Memang cool gila!!

So, I harap dengan paparan kali ni boleh la sikit-sikit mambantu uols lebih berpengetahuan pasal cardigan ni. Lepas ni boleh la bergaya lebih sikit kan?? huhuhu, I memang suka menghensemkan and mencantikkan orang ni. Ok lah, nak kuar jap. Bubbye uols!!^_^

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Assalamualaikum everyone!! Hellooo?? Anyone?? No one...-___-"

Thta's why la..who ask you not to update the blog? Now, nobody wants to read anymore....huhuhuhu, sorry hah...been busy...........I mean very busy....!!
You guys know that now I have online boutique right? So I am busy managing the company. Now, the burden can be multiple by 2 because of the new semester have just begun!

What am I going to share huh today?? I think some talking about azam tahun baru would be nice right? Since we are still in the first week of 2011, still in tahun baru mood maa!!hehehehe

Along 2010, I've been wishing of having a dozen set of shoes and a dozen set of various bags. I really love shoes and bags!! (since I ols x leh nak bergaya lebih-lebih dengan baju yg tak berapa nak ada saiz...huhuhu). Bags and shoes were my 'victims' for last year's shopping trip! Hahahaha, pegi mane-mane pun I ols akan tetap survey beg and kasut! Mata tu tajam je carik...hahaaha, sadly I left all my collections at my hometown, so I can'
t share them with you guys.(currently staying at section 16 Shah Alam u ols^_^)

Last year je, my bags collections achieving more than a dozen! I have 14 bags now in my wardrobe! (plus 3 that I bought last week...ermm..17!! hahaha). Kasut apatah lagi u ols?? Sampai I terpaksa beli rak kasut sendiri just for my lovely and beloved shoes!! I have 15 pairs already! (including the one my lil bro give me on my birthday. Thank you!^_^)

Ohh! Ohh!! Nak share dengan u ols nihh!! Last November, a month before my birthday, I did post a wishlist of my wanted birthday presents! Still remember? If not click
here...huhuhu... One of the wishlist is the Louis Vuitton Damier geant canvas long zipped wallet.

*this is the internet picture

and guess what???? I REALLY DID GOT THE WALLET FROM MY MOM!! BIG HUG!! BIG THANK YOU FOR MY MOM!! Hahahahaha!! I pakai LV....(so?-__-). Hahaha, I'm just too excited! This is my 3rd LV stuff after my tie, and the hi-cut sneakers! Rasa bangga gile u ols!! Hahahaha..kau mampu?? Angkuh sikit...hahahaha=P

*this was taken using my phone's camera using night mode...hahahaha=P

This year, 2011, I have 2 'azams' to be fulfilled. Hahahaha, first, I want to maintain my result for the next semesters. First semester of my degree was indeed a good start for me. To be listed as the dean's list receiver is one big honor to me and all my tribulations paid! Hahaha..did I mention I got a dean's list?? Hahahaha, yes I got a dean's list!^_^Tak gempak pun...biase-biase je u ols...I dapat 3.56 and alhamdulillah for it.

If last year was the bags and shoes season, this year my addiction would be perfumes!! Hahaha...I just love the funky bottles instead of the aroma inside it. Until date(gitew), I own 6 various perfumes from various brands. (Not including one drop perfumes u ols!). So, for this year I target 2 dozens of perfumes which means 24 bottles will be collected. Boleh?? Hahahaha, boleh aje!!^_^

So I think it's never to late to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 for all my readers!! (kalau adalah...kalau takde pun I kesah hape?? hehehe). May this year bring us more joy, more fortune, more happiness, more good luck, more mood for study, more Kpop madness(tentibe!!), more fashion and more and more and more LOVE!! Bubbye and take care u ols!!^_^