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Saturday, June 11, 2011

MyTrend is my personal fashion perspective.

Salam everyone! How's everyone? Doing well? Looking good? Well i'm in the midst of so-called 4 months degree holiday....enjoy?? Not so much fun...boring indeed...hahahaha

Anyway, this post is just to inform you guys my beloved readers (if any) about my newborn fashion blog! (Yang ada satu ni pun tak berapa nak terjaga, nak tambah satu lagi?? mewah hidup kau). I just think that my posts were sometimes too bercampur-aduk. I mean i want to talk about fashion, beauty, sale, personal life, views and all, but at the end it turns that fashion is my most interest. So instead of 'compiling' everything in one blog...hahaha, i construct a new blog for me just to write any articles, views, perspective from MY VERY OWN point of view. Means that maybe uols x setuju dengan pendapat I, tp i peduli hapa? hahaha, kalau suka ikut, x suka x payah ikut lah ok? Hahahaha, so inilah link ke blog yg i maksudkan. Klik je kat bawah ni and follow lah ye? Insya Allah i rajin update at least once a month.

at this blog i will discuss mostly about what's in and what's out in fashion, how to accessorize, about my designs, beauty care, food, SALES! and anything related to fashion world. So after this, this blog will only talks about my routine and personal life. Tak mau campur-campur dah ek? So i harap sngt follower i (eh dah exceed 100 dah!!) yg drop dead gorgeous ni follow lah jugak blog baru i ni ye? Boleh jugak bagi cadangan and komen. Please support me yeah! Till then, babai!!^_^


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